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How to Create Your Logo

There are four easy-to-follow-rules when designing a logo. Keep them in mind when you start thinking about creating your unique logo.

1 Ask the right questions

What do we do and how do we do it? What makes us different? What do we value most? What is our personality? These questions will help you to build a framework to create your logo

2 Understand your competitors

Research your target market. You may find out that there are some conventions in your sector. Being unique is something you should aspire to, but sometimes you need to follow the rules.

3 Stay flexible

During the process, some ideas can work in theory but fall apart in practice when visualised. Hard it might be, stick with what works in practice no matter how ‘brilliant’ the idea was.

4 Keep it simple

Less is more. Don’t add details for the sake of it. Think: will it work when seen small, as in the footer of a website, as well as large, as on the front of a building?

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