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Brand Voice – How Does Your Brand Sound?

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Have you ever noticed how people talk? Every voice is different - some speak with a drawl, some sound loud, or reserved.

It’s easy to recognise somebody from the sound of their voice alone. This is because every person’s voice is unique, and this also applies to brands. Every brand has a certain, recognisable ‘sound’.

As well as logo, font and colours, your choice of words helps to communicate your passion and expertise to your target audience. So you need to pay attention to what you’re saying, and how you say it!

This is true of any text or copies you create for your brand, whether it be website content, advertising, flyers, posts on social media, or business cards.

Here’s three simple rules to help make writing copy for your brand easier. When writing:

1) Be clear. Try to use simple sentences.

2) Be concise. You’re not writing a novel! People want to know about your business from the start – so don’t waffle!

3) Use words that won’t be easily misunderstood. Clear communication is what your audience wants, so avoid words whose meaning might be misconstrued.

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