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bradn identity



 Building a brand is all about sharing your passion and expertise with your audience. 

A brand image is made up of elements which, when together tell to your audience

  • who you are

  • what you do 

  • why you do it

These elements are

  • Colours,

  • Fonts

  • Logo

  • Brand 'voice' 

If you’re wondering how to choose the colours, font, shapes and ‘voice’ that speak best to your customers, this session is for you.

Starting out with some simple, basic questions about your brand, we’ll go on

to choose a colour palette, select fonts to create a unique identity that’ll make your brand really stand out.


The following week, I’ll send you a PDF with a colour palette (RGB, hexadecimal and CMYK values), 2 fonts (TTF files) (body text and headings) plus some suggested uses for shapes and some guidance on structure and content.


Note: this session will not cover graphic design or the creation of a logo

Duration 1.50 hour - £135.

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